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Face Your Fears:  Encounter Sessions for Conferences, Exhibitions, Large Meetings & Events

Facing Fears, Overcoming Fears & Confidence-Building Activities

[Reptile & Snake Handling Experiences for Conferences & Exhibitions - Face Your Fears]Meet The Beasts Delivers Challenging, Fun, Often Life-Changing Activities for Conferences, Exhibitions, Large Meetings & Events Organisers & Agencies.

Our reptile & minibeast encounters are a hands-on, proven, visceral experience where delegates identify their fear, face it, overcome it & leave with a real sense of achievement & growth in their confidence.

We tailor our input to your needs & aims to deliver memorable, long-lasting, often life-changing sessions.

Meet The Beasts provides short workshops & activities for smaller groups or we work one-to-one in the main hall or event space with delegates & attendees. Very effective for changing, "I could never do that!" into "I never thought I could do that!"

Guaranteed to draw a crowd & be a crowd pleaser.

Watch some videos of our animals here

Have a look at some Photographs of our animals: Past & Present here

See Photographs of our animals working at events: here

Read how Meet The Beasts enables adults & children to face & overcome their fears & grow in confidence - Case Histories

Short Encounter Workshops & Sessions

[Snake & Reptile Encounters for Group Sessions]Meet The Beasts' Short Encounter Workshops & Sessions Focus more Specifically on Practical, Visceral Activities Where People Face Their Fears, Challenge Them & Overcome Them to Grow in Confidence.

Althernatively, we can address topics which include:

We create a calm, friendly, non-threatening environment where our input is determined by your aims: what we deliver fits what you want, all in a receptive atmosphere. we focus on the practical, we also provide 'supporting' information.

Contact Meet The Beasts to discuss how we can help you ...

One-to-One Encounters

[Building Confidence One to One at Conferences, Meetings & Exhibitions]Meet The Beasts Creates Buzz, Excitement & Greater Confidence in Delegates, Attendees & Exhibitors Through Our One-to-One Reptile & Minibeast Encounters at Events, Meetings, Conferences & Exhibitions.

Guaranteed to draw a crowd.

Great for larger events & where group sessions are inappropriate or not possible. Our movement amongst visitors allows them to approach us at their own pace to face their fears, challenge & conquer them.

For our one-to-one encounters we usually bring Geoff, our Boa constrictor who is large enough to have a presence & be seen, but small enough to handle.

Our friendly, non-threatening approach encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zone & achieve something they thought was impossible. Contact Us to discuss how we can help you ...

"If you had told me this morning that I would be touching a snake today, let alone holding one, I would never have believed you. Thank you."

BB; Director; Business Consultancy, Nottingham.

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

Before & After Dinner Activities

[Building Confidence for Delegates at Conferences, Meetings & Exhibitions]Invite Meet The Beasts to Inspire & Entertain Your Conference, Exhibition, Meeting or Event Attendees & Guests as Part of Your Pre-Dinner or After Dinner Activities.

Spice-up any gathering. Guaranteed to generate excitement & intrigue.

Our hands-on activities provide rapid results, empowering people to step outside comfort zones, challenge their status quo, achieve something they thought was impossible & leave with a sense of achievement & pride.

ALL of our sessions are non-threatening, moving at the correct pace for each individual; we appreciate that not everyone is instantly passionate about our animals!

Contact Us to discuss how we can help you ...

[Geoff The Boa - Our Large Gentle Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator Available On His Own]Meet Geoff The BoaTMour gentle, friendly Boa constrictor, available alone for meetings, conferences, exhibitions & events. Learn more here ...

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

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