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Reptile & Minibeast Encounters: Overcoming Fears & Boosting Productivity in Business

Facing, Challenging & Overcoming Fears:  Building Confidence

[Overcoming Fears & Building Confidence Using Reptile & Snake Handling & Minibeast Encounters for Businesses] Meet The Beasts Delivers Reptile & Minibeast Encounters Which Enable Your Staff to Work More Confidently & Contribute Their Best to your Business.

By facing challenges individually, supported by the rest of the group, staff experience a real, often life-changing sense of achievement which empowers them to face & overcome day-to-day hurdles; professionally & personally.

Increased confidence produces more motivated staff who can take on tasks individually & in their teams. Everyone benefits which ultimately contributes to a stronger bottom-line for your business.

The Number One block to successful working & increasing profits is fear.

When we are afraid we revert to self-protection mode, avoiding risk & looking only for ways to stay safe. Although short-term fear can motivate us to our highest performance, longer-term fear rapidly eliminates all of those initial benefits, driving us to anxiety, withdrawal & ultimately depression.

Fear affects every one of us in different ways. It can be endemic, yet an accepted part of work culture, operating at both corporate & individual levels.

[Face Your Fears & Grow In Confidence - Sessions & Activities for Conferences from Meet The Beasts]Controlling our response to fear is key to effectively engaging with the challenges we face, being creative & giving our best.

The ability to identify fears, face them, challenge them & overcome them is crucial for progress & success. The result is happier people, better working atmosphere, better relationships, stronger teams & ultimately increased profits.

Time Magazine listed a fear of bugs, creepy crawlies & spiders as our third greatest fear, behind public speaking (No 1) & flying (No 2). Interestingly, fear of death rated at No 7!

Reptiles (especially snakes) are right up there with creepy crawlies for many people.

Meet The Beasts uses snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches & millipedes in reptile & minibeast encounter sessions & activities. We then provide a safe, stimulating & supportive environment in which your staff can overcome their fears & grow in confidence, enabling them to:

[Building Confidence in Businesses & Teams Using Snake, Reptile & Minibeast Encounters & Handling]Our calm, patient, relaxed approach is very effective in empowering participants to step outside their comfort zones, have a go & begin to reach their full potential.

Our sessions & workshops are tailored to your aims & needs, providing immediate, tangible results which enable your staff to take on & enjoy new challenges & grow in their roles.

Meet The Beasts is also able to seamlessly integrate our activities & sessions into your existing training to add another, practical, visceral dimension.

Read how Meet The Beasts enables people face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence - Real Case Histories

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"We were recapping events this morning ... & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn't banked on but was fabulous."

JP: Land Securities Group PLC, London

We have full Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments & Animal Activity Licence (details here)

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