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The Effect of Fears in the Workplace:  How to Identify & Conquer Them to Create Growth & Boost Performance


[The Benefits of Less Fear in the Work Place - Meet The Beasts & RICHLearningSolutions] Adaptability & the Ability to Handle Change are Critical for the Success of Any Business or Organisation.

But Research shows that one of the toughest challenges is to maintain employee motivation & engagement in the midst of the uncertainty caused by organisational changes; however large or small.

The primary barrier to successful adaptation & change is fear, especially perceived fear.

Our fears have been formed since childhood, through what we have seen, been told, heard & experienced. They are our main influencer & motivator for action or paralysis.

In the presence of fear our brain acts almost in reflex to subconsciously stored 'keep me safe' commands. Rather than conscious reasoning it operates on self-protection We look after ourselves rather than working for the wider good.

Ground-breaking research confirmed & quantified how unmanageable fear & anxiety have significant impacts on our performance, which can be the equivalent of not sleeping for 24 hours. As a result, tasks take longer to complete with more errors occurring, leading to increased costs & an erosion of profits.

Neuroscientific evidence shows that when we face our fears & challenge them, our brains use new thought pathways which override those previously used. Overcoming fear is a 'transferable skill' that can be applied across different circumstances & stimuli.

Understanding & controlling fear within our workplace is the difference between healthy relationships, healthy, secure staff & a healthy business or mistrust & self-protection, absenteeism or 'presenteeism,' decline in staff health, reduction in trust & destruction of profits.

Meet The Beasts partners with RICHLearningSolutions to present a simple model & practical advice which enables attendees to be more adaptable & face change with confidence, deal with pressure & anxiety thus ensuring that teams are strengthened & goals exceeded.

Individuals can embrace practices that afford greatest personal satisfaction, ultimately impacting the bottom line.

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