[Meet the Beasts - Building Confidence & Overcoming Fears Through Reptile Snake & Minibeast Encounters for Businesses]

[Meet The Beasts for Business]Further information is available on this site or our dedicated Meet The Beasts (for Business) site at www.helpconfidence.com


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[Snake & Reptile Handling: Spice-Up Business Meetings, Training Events & Conferences, also a Great Ice-Breakers]Meet The Beasts will spice-up & add a new dimension to your business events.

Our Corporate Business background means that we help you develop confident, effective people who are team players & have a positive impact on customers & colleagues.

Our hands-on activities provide rapid results, empowering people to step outside comfort zones, challenge the status quo, achieve something they thought was impossible & leave with a sense of achievement & pride.

ALL of our workshops & events are run in a non-threatening environment, working at a pace relevant to attendees; we understand that not everyone is as passionate about our animals as we are!


[Meet the Beasts - Testimonial from SME Business Consultancy]"If you had told me this morning that I would be touching a snake today, let alone holding one, I would never have believed you. Thank you."

BB; Director; Business Consultancy, Nottingham.



Whether you're planning a sales team meeting, training event, looking for a pre-dinner or after-dinner activity, or just an ice-breaker with a difference, Meet The Beasts can help.

Each event is built around your specific needs & we work with businesses of all sizes; from SMEs to Corporates.


A Meet The Beasts session is ideal for


[Meet the Beasts - Working with Businesses to Overcome Fears & Build Confidence]Icebreakers at Meetings & Staff Inductions


[Meet the Beasts - Working with Businesses to Overcome Fears & Build Confidence]Before & after dinner activities


[Meet the Beasts - Working with Businesses to Overcome Fears & Build Confidence]Business Awards Events


[Meet the Beasts - Working with Businesses to Overcome Fears & Build Confidence]Something different!


For further information contact Meet the Beasts



Develop Self-Confidence; Overcome Fears; Build Strong Teams

[Building Confidence in Businesses & Teams Using Snake, Reptile & Minibeast Encounters & Handling]Meet The Beasts supports your own team-building & confidence-building programmes, providing a rapidly effective, hands-on activity. People experience conquering fears, gaining a real sense of achievement & providing a strong foundation to build on.

All of our activities are conducted in a relaxed, encouraging, safe atmosphere.

Learn more about our events for overcoming fears & building confidence for businesses & for building strong teams in business.


[Meet the Beasts - Testimonial from Corporate Business]"I certainly didn’t think for one minute that I’d be able to handle a snake, but it was a really enjoyable experience and thank you for the opportunity."

LM; PA to Managing Director & Financial Director, Knauf-Insulation UK



[Geoff The Boa - Our Large Gentle Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator Available On His Own]Geoff The BoaTM our large, gentle, friendly Boa constrictor is available alone for business events: Meetings; Training: Conferences; Ice-Breakers; Team Building; Overcome Fears; Build Confidence. Learn more about Geoff The BoaTM here ...



Read how Meet The Beasts has helped people face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence - Real Case Histories



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Dr Stuart Wood
c/o Meet the Beasts
31 Burder Street
LE11 1JH

Telephone + 44 1509 553362
Mobile: + 44 7814 628123
e-mail: dr.stu@ntlworld.com



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