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[Meet the Beasts - Building Confidence & Overcoming Fears: Snake & Reptile Handling & Minibeast Encounter Experiences for Businesses]Meet The Beasts provides a safe & effective environment where your staff can overcome their fears & build their confidence, enabling them to

[Tick] Communicate more effectively
[Tick] Become more effective individuals, team players & leaders
[Tick] Take appropriate risks


[Overcoming Fears & Building Confidence Using Reptile & Snake Handling & Minibeast Encounters for Businesses]Time Magazine listed a fear of bugs, creepy crawlies & spiders as our third greatest fear, behind public speaking (No 1) and heights & flying (No 2) ... Fear of death is No 7! Reptiles (especially snakes) are also high on that list.

Meet The Beasts reptile & minibeast handling events add an extra dimension & integrate seamlessly into your existing training; we work with you, empowering your staff to step outside their comfort zones & reach their full potential. Our input is determined by your needs & requirements. Our patient, relaxed approach is very effective.


We've helped many people to:

[Tick] Overcome their fears
[Tick] Increase in confidence & take on new challenges in their jobs & wider life
[Tick] Improve their relationships & interpersonal skills
[Tick] Become more effective team players


Read how Meet The Beasts has helped people face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence - Real Case Histories


[Meet The Beasts - Testimonial From Corporate Business]"We were recapping events this morning ... & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn't banked on but was fabulous.""

JP: Land Securities Group PLC, London



[Snake & Reptile Handling Experiences Help Build Strong, Cohesive Teams]Meet The Beasts reptile & minibeasts encounters & handling workshops are great for helping to build strong teams. Not only do individuals overcome their fears & grow in confidence, but other members are drawn-in to encourage & motivate their colleagues if they are struggling through fear or uncertainty.

Learn about our Team Building activities here

[Meet The Beasts Snake & Reptile Encounters are a Fun, Powerful Ice-Breaker for Any Meeting]Meet The Beasts is a fun yet very powerful ice-breaker for meetings & training events covering any subject. Focusing on have a go, individuals step outside their comfort zone to achieve more than they thought possible. A great start for the day's event & learning.

Learn more here.


[Reptile & Snake Handling Experiences for Business, Schools, Education Conferences]Meet The Beasts is a great way to spice-up conferences. Add an extra dimension to your conference activities by letting us help delegates overcome their fears & grow in confidence, in a friendly, safe environment. Use us as an extra attraction or use us to achieve a specific objective.

Learn more about our attendance at conferences here.


Contact Meet The Beasts to find out how we can help you.



[Geoff The Boa - Our Large Gentle Friendly Boa Constrictor Imperator Available On His Own]Geoff The BoaTM our large, gentle, friendly Boa constrictor is also available alone for all of your confidence building, events, sessions & training. Empower your staff to grow in confidence. Learn more about Geoff The BoaTM here ...



The benefits of a Meet The Beasts encounter start whilst we're with you & last long after we've gone. It's an experience you won't forget.



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