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[Overcoming Fears & Growing In Confidence for Staff in Schools, Academies & Colleges - Meet The Beasts]Meet The Beasts Empowers Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Office Staff & General Staff by Enabling them to Identify Fears, Face them & Overcome them. We Put the Attention Back on Those Who Often Miss-Out.

Our reptile & minibeasts encounters push & inspire you to take on new challenges with greater confidence.

Develop team-building skills. Face fears & know how to mentally & physically function under pressure. Overcome fears & grow in confidence. Improve your ability to face challenges, individually & as a group so that every member can contribute at their best: at work; at home; in life.

All sessions & workshops are tailored specifically to your needs & provide immediate, tangible results which enable your staff to take on & enjoy new challenges & grow in their roles.

Ideal for

 - Staff Training
 - All Teaching, Support & Office Staff
 - Rejuvenating & Empowering Your Staff Team.
 - Staff Meetings
 - Parent-Teacher Events
 - School Governor's Meetings


Read how Meet The Beasts enables people face their fears, overcome them & grow in confidence - Real Case Histories


[Overcome Fears & Grow in Confidence for Teachers & Staff: Stronger Individuals & Teams in Schools, Academies & Colleges - Meet The Beasts]Our input is determined by with your objectives: we deliver what you need.

We can also design our activities so they fit into your existing, regular training.

These hands-on, fun, yet powerful activities are conducted in a safe, non-threatening & relaxed environment. Challenge yourself to take the risk & experience the change that meeting our beasts can bring.

Conquering fears is the gateway to increased fulfilment but it doesn't happen automatically. It starts with a decision & then it takes courage.

Let us help you on your journey.

Our workshops & activities produce rapid, tangible, often long-lasting & life-changing results; for individuals & for staff teams.


[Meet the Beasts]"I NEVER thought I could touch a snake, let alone hold it. Thank you for your patience. You don't realise how much of an achievement for me this is!."

Teacher: Bush Hill Primary School, Enfield, London


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