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Use our knowledge, experience & empathy to help you achieve your full potential. Face limiting fears, challenge & overcome them, grow in confidence. Read about how & why we started. Meet those who enable you to change & achieve more than you thought possible. Learn why & how we can help.

It is NEVER too late to begin. Remember, Colonel Sanders didn't become successful with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) until he was over seventy.


Roots: Our Story (so far)

'But mum! I am NOT lost. You just didn't know where I was, but I did. Where else would I be?'

(Stuart Wood, Reptile House, Twycross Zoo, UK., 1960s).


From an early age I was fascinated by creepy crawlies & reptiles. I remember my intense disappointment at junior school when a man visited us with a large snake, but I didn't get chance to touch it.

Fast forward 25 years. I was a PhD neuroscientist, who also happened to be a people-watcher, working in the pharmaceutical industry. As a presenter & liaison with top speakers, scientists & clinicians from around the world, I was fascinated by how many of these really struggled with self-confidence. I saw what many others did not: their doubts as they wrestled with gut-wrenching fear before walking on stage to speak.

[Meet The Beasts - A family business based in Leicestershire]Fast forward another 15 years (I hope you're keeping-up). I took a couple of my pet snakes into my daughter's & son's classes at primary school. Once again, I was amazed by how many children with difficult or challenging behaviour sat quietly, soaking in the experience. I also recall their beams of pride when they got chance to hold one of my wriggly friends.

Just 7 years later I was made redundant from my job. What could I do?

Meet The Beasts took its first tottering steps into the world in 2008, after nearly 50 years of incubation.

Everyone struggles with fears of one kind or another. In fact, a Jobsite survey published in 2019, revealed that one-third of employees & applicants would reject their dream job if it meant facing their biggest fear. Two-thirds would refuse to speak in public & of these, 56% had avoided applying for certain jobs, 40% found career progression difficult but only 2% had spoken to HR about their personal fears. This is worrying, for everyone.

Fear is a 'transferable skill' that affects every area of our life, whether we like it or not. It is contagious, often inherited early in life through our relationships with family & the world around us. Like sponges, we soak up the fears of others, making them our own.

Reptiles & minibeasts are fascinating to learn about. They are also a powerful key for unlocking self-confidence through conquering our fears.

At last I had found a way to bring together my passions, experience & knowledge.

Meet The Beasts continues to evolve & improve, but our core remains constant:

'Releasing people from fear through personal encounters with our snakes, lizards & minibeasts (tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches).'

That is why we work in so many different settings. Just as fear is universal, so the need to be set free is universal.

The 3 elements critical to success in every setting, Communication, Relationship & Trust are all compromised or destroyed by fear. So whether we are with friends, family, in the office, in school or education, or playing sport, our effectiveness & efficiency can be severely compromised, leaving us feeling frustrated, unfulfilled or losing hope.

[Building trust by example - Meet The Beasts]This is where Meet The Beasts can help!

The good news is that overcoming fears in one area of life also affects other areas in a positive way. Meet The Beasts understands this from a medical & scientific viewpoint & through our own extensive personal, business & life experience. We use our experience & knowledge to help you become more effective wherever you are & to avoid mistakes we have made.

Fear is a killer!

When we learn to face our fears, tackle them & use the experience to build self-confidence, we open up new opportunities, both for ourselves & those around us, as we interact. Nobody is too old to start.

If you are looking for a life-changing experience that makes you more personally effective, in the workplace, in primary schools & secondary schools, at conferences & exhibitions, public & community events, in mental health or one-to-one, we are here for you. I say looking for because change can only happen when we choose to have a go & make it happen.

Not everyone can change, but everyone who wants to change, can!

We see 'miracles' in every session, no matter where we work. Even though some adults feel it is too late to try, our feedback & case histories disagree with them.

"Everyone is still talking about Friday and how they enjoyed interacting with your friends and how accommodating you are. I love your talk at the start of the sessions and how you work on building confidence."

Science Teacher, Rushey Mead Academy, Leicester

You may not become a fan of our animals but we promise that through our activities & talks you will feel the exhilaration of achievement which will then empower you to use that skill wherever you want. Our secret weapon for most encounter sessions is Geoff, our large, lovable boa constrictor, packed with personality & charm.

"I have to let you know ... we were recapping events on Thursday & someone raised how the Meet the Beasts room had been so beneficial to some of the Mencap young ambassadors who came to you, in facing their fears & building their confidence. This was something we hadn’t banked on but was fabulous."

JP; Land Securities Group PLC, London

A word about our values & vision ...

The underpinning values of Meet The Beasts are

It is futile to continue with what we are doing, without change & expect things to change.

Change is a scary idea because we often associate it with a negative outcome: loss of a job or opportunity, losing something or someone, or it is just too hard.

[Our Asian Forest Scorpion carrying babies on her back]But change is the only thing that makes things happen differently & if that is improving our life, our relations, our chances to succeed, our level of happiness & contentment, isn't it worth the effort?

Is that too hard?

We don't  know unless we try & Meet The Beasts helps you to do just that; to have a go. Little of real value happens without effort. We sometimes call that effort 'inertia' (difficulty or failure to get started) , chemists call it the energy hump (the large input of energy to start a reaction, like applying heat to a log before it will burn). Most of us call it anxiety (being unsure or afraid of the unknown) or fear (being unsure or afraid of what we know).

Our gentle & patient, but firm, approach provide you with the energy & motivation to get started on the important aspects of change: creating a better life for yourself & those around you.

We also believe in preserving the planet for future generations:

All of our animals are captive bred in this country, by reputable & ethical breeders. Captive breeding also allows the re-introduction of animals to their natural habitats where numbers are dwindling or non-existent.  The ARC (Amphibian & Reptile Conservation) Trust has a really helpful article all about reintroduction of reptiles & amphibians in the UK. Reintroduction programmes exist on all continents around the world.

We also invest 10% of our profits into worldwide rainforest preservation & conservation.


Why not learn how we can help you by contacting Meet The Beasts


How We Work

[Meet The Beasts working at a public retail event - Happy customer]Meet The Beasts delivers high quality, high impact, reptile & minibeast activities, sessions & workshops that educate & transform lives in schools, colleges, business & community.

Up close, personal & without the glass, seeing & looking become hands on, tactile experiences!

We enable people of all ages to face their fears & conquer them, building confidence & self-esteem through close up encounters with our fascinating 'exotic' animals: snakes, tarantulas, lizards, scorpions, cockroaches & millipedes.

Professional, sensitive delivery of our activities in a calm, non-threatening, relaxed atmosphere encourages engagement by people of all ages & backgrounds. Our forté is enabling you to have a go & succeed at achieving something you never dreamed possible, an important skill for facing other fears in daily life. Working with us gives you the confidence to try & the opportunity succeed.

We respond rapidly to enquiries, creating bespoke activities for each client according to their needs. We invite you to get in touch.

Who is Dr Stuart Wood?

[Dr Stuart Wood: Founder of Meet The Beasts]Stuart has a strong reputation as a natural, passionate communicator & educator. His gift is to make complicated things easy to understand by people of all ages & abilities.

His broad experience across business, education & as a musician, combined with his passion for all things creepy crawly, make for a memorable event. His philosophy is, 'When you enjoy what you're learning, you understand what you're learning & you learn what you're learning!'

After completing a PhD in neuroscience, Stuart moved on to work in the pharmaceutical industry, initially designing & managing clinical trials. However, he soon became renowned for his presentations which made complex medical & scientific information accessible to all audiences.

His empathetic, patient & clear communication has been shaped by personal challenges including, recovery from 2-years of unexpected, serious depression & a heart attack, followed by open-heart surgery, from which recovery was slow, challenging & occasionally, uncertain.

By adapting his style & content to each specific audience, Stuart delivers relevant, accessible information which can be understood, remembered & applied. He is passionate about educating change. As you may have gathered, he is also passionate about the positive benefits of encountering our beautiful creatures in the scales.

Contact Stuart

Stuart is currently writing a book, for publication, about the destructive power of fear in individuals & relationships.

He has also written some easy to understand articles, on this website, which increase awareness & appreciation of subjects dear to his heart & which affect us all, every day. Why not have a read using the following links:

Use the links below to read more about our work or get in touch with us directly to see how we can help.

You won't be disappointed.

A Word About Geoff the BoaTM

[Geoff The Boa - Our large, gentle, friendly boa constrictor imperator]Geoff the BoaTM is our gentle giant who is always guaranteed to draw a crowd!

Although some want to run when they see him, they rarely need more than a couple of minutes before they are drawn to him.

Impressive at around 2 metres (6'6") in length, Geoff attends all our sessions, either with his friends, or alone. Experience him in schools, businesses, conferences, public & community. He is also available for TV, video, film & photography sessions.

Contact Us or Learn more about Geoff & how he can make your event extra special.

"Everyone fell in love with Geoff. He is so gentle & friendly. I was a bit anxious when I first met him but he is such a gentle giant. We always knew where he was by the crowd of people around him. He made our event. Thank you."

HR: UPS; East Midlands Airport, UK

Legal Documents, Licences & Insurance

Meet The Beasts:

Procedures & records are available for inspection at any time by the authorities

A copy of the above documents are supplied to the event organiser(s) electronically (in PDF, JPG, PNG formats) for their records & to check compliance with appropriate records & registers.

Dr Stuart Wood is a STEM Ambassador who has Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure. A copy of the paper Disclosure is supplied to event organiser(s), where appropriate, in PDF format. Stuart is also on the Online Register for this service. A screenshot is provided to clients upon booking & further information can be obtained upon request.

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