Unlocking Potential in Secondary Schools

Meet The Beasts enables secondary (KS3, KS4) students to  overcome limiting fears, increase self-confidence & improve communication. We also provide lessons in practical neuroscience for all abilities up to A-level. Use our patience & experience to augment learning & change the lives of your students (& teachers).

Energising Students

[Bringing students alive in secondary schools]Experiencing our snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches up close & hands on, in the room, energises students & promotes a 'can do' attitude.

Students are then more receptive to learning & pushing their personal boundaries. Sessions may be tied-in with subjects, like science, psychology & sociology, or they may be run separately to promote bonding & build important skills, like self-confidence, self-esteem, working together, empathy & trust.

Students benefit immediately but they are also helped towards their next step in life, whether that is higher education or work.

The school benefits as students use & hone their new-found skills, improving community & learning.

The community benefits from improved responsibility & citizenship.

Read on to learn more about our services & activities or contact Meet The Beasts to discuss how we can work together to achieve your aims.

Overcoming Fears

[The power of overcoming fear]Overcoming fear sets us free to reach our full potential.

Fear stunts development. It stops us from trying new tasks or relationships, in case we get it wrong & fail. This is especially true in teenage years where peer-pressure & the need to fit in dominate so many situations. Sadly, the atmosphere around us is often so competitive that we individually achieve at the expense of others, rather than mutually succeeding through cooperation.

Learning how to overcome fears & experiencing it, 're-wires' the pathways in our brain that are responsible for our 'goto' or default response in a situation. Instead of being afraid, thinking we cannot do something & reprimand ourselves for the failure, we try to do something &, if unsuccessful, learn from it & try again.

Our snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes & cockroaches can all help students to address, face-up-to & overcome their fears. Seeing their own success & the success of others inspires them to have a go, rather than shy away from more daunting situations they may face in the future.

We have no 'set formula' for success. We adapt our input, on the day, to suit the individual members of our audience.

Please do get in touch to discuss how we can help you.  

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"We've had other groups doing similar things with our students before, but none of them engaged them like you did. They are still buzzing. Even some of our more challenging students have visibly changed. Thank you!"

Teacher: Abington High School, Leicester

Building Self-Confidence

Self-confidence grows as we achieve something, particularly if we previously thought it was too hard for us.

Confidence & fear are intimately linked.

A key to building self-confidence is enabling people to get over their fears so that they have the desire & determination to have a go.

Having a go enables them to succeed & realise what they can do, overcoming the fear & building confidence.

One of the main fears of entering the unknown is the 'what if', the risk of failure. So, a major part of building self-confidence includes teaching students resilience to handle 'failure' (things not happening as we would have hoped), how to learn from the experience & how to try again.

If you would like us to discuss where we can help, why not get in touch?

"The students were left 'buzzing' and thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. Your enthusiasm and patience made the sessions even more enjoyable. Your range of reptiles made it very different to other sessions that are available and we appreciated the extras you did. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Science Teacher: Rushey Mead School, Leicester

Unleashing Potential

[Releasing our full potential - case study]Water will only flow when the valve is opened.

Although we may like to open the valve for others, we can only do it with their permission. Not everyone can change, but anyone who wants to change can.

Meet The Beasts facilitates change in your students, motivates them to continue trying, but we cannot make them try. That has to be the student's decision. Our style is calm, encouraging, challenging but fun. We gently coax students out of their comfort zone to the point where they are willing to try.

Unlocking their full potential is their responsibility BUT we can help.

We will liaise with you, before we visit, to agree a simple plan of action that can be implemented by the school & students, after we leave, to encourage continual forward movement.

Change is scary. Change is exciting. Change is possible.

Speak to Meet The Beasts about your aims, wishes & needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

"We've had [other company] in several times and they were great. But you were better and seemed more interested in what the children wanted and how they felt. Thank you. Will be in touch again."

Science Teacher: Leicester  Secondary School

Special Activities for British Science Week

Meet The Beasts runs special activities designed for British Science Week.

Whether it is providing workshops on practical neuroscience, animal encounters, sessions designed to overcome fears or build confidence, we can help.

Visit our activities in British Science Week page for more information.

Virtual Live Online Meet The Beasts

We are pleased to bring Meet the Beasts into your classroom via the wonders of the internet.

See our animals up-close, ask questions, learn facts & receive the same care & attention that our clients & customers enjoy when we visit in-person.

Discover more about our dedicated Virtual Online Meet The Beasts sessions.

Browse photographs of our animals

See photographs of our animals working at events:

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